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I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature… All of this is art to me.

— Hunter Reveur (via mymangotree)

Boob buddies #sketch

Boob buddies #sketch

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Chibis like this was 75$ and is not 40$.

Kawaii chibi sale. First two to inbox me will get a commission spot. Then the two after that for another week im free.

only chibis and kawaii/cute based….Kowaii/scary can do as well as long as its magical. Im working on my coloring and want a go at practicing more of it.

Questions? Answer on this post.
Good luck to the first two <3

Anonymous asked:
your silver hair photoshot is quite allright but... YOU HAVE TO SMILE MORE YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU SMILE!!! Not that you aren't beautiful otherwise!!! I think I have girl crush on you!! Ok... em... I'll just go now...

I smile too much in my videos. it balance everything out.image

I felt like sketching something #anime #animeart #mangaart #manga #chibiart #chibi

I felt like sketching something #anime #animeart #mangaart #manga #chibiart #chibi

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Ororo Glee
New video, back to commissions.

Anonymous asked:
What is your deviantart name?

all links on

kvina asked:
You are GORGEOUS. Wow. Where did you get that silver wig with the lifted back and bangs? It and you are both beautiful ;w;

<3 Thank you <3. Its from Epic cosplay. Im going to do a review on it.

I styled the wig myself, it was flat and straight from the factory.

Baby Ororo or Anime protagonist . I think silver was always my metal. Hime-ish hair

Anonymous asked:
How do you color an anime/animation/drawing. Any tips for shading and proper lining? Thanks in advance!!!

Try solid shading and highlighting without blending and look at the shape of your shading. If it dont look right then you are not shading the way it suppose to or the way you like. If it looks good blocky then blending it later will look good as well.

I color on a touch pad wacom tablet “intous 5”. I got it to surf the web as well (do we still say that) without a mouse (I use my fingers kind of like the magic pad on an apple laptop). I like things that can be used for may other things so I can literally use it everyday, which leads to UN-intentional practicing. <3 youre welcome <3